East Leake Hardware and DIY Shop has received a brilliant response to the news that it’s now selling Warhammer products.

Warhammer is a hugely popular tabletop wargame full of strategic decisions and compelling stories. You can play the game with friends at home or in dedicated gaming spaces.

One customer wrote on Facebook: “I popped in and picked up a few paints and bits for my Warhammer figures the other day. It’s a great hobby to get into.”

Upon hearing the news that they could buy Warhammer in the village, another wrote: “That’s amazing! I can send my nephews bits now without having to sit in traffic to go to town.”

Warhammer at the Hardware Shop

You can buy a range of kits, paints and other accessories at the Hardware and DIY Shop. The team can also order any item in for you.

The popular Gotham Road shop continues to sell everything else you’d expect it to… from weed killer to door knobs and most things in between!

It’s open Monday to Friday between 9AM and 4PM and Saturday from 9AM to 1PM.