Traders' Vouchers

Traders Vouchers are available to spend with any trader who is a member of East Leake Traders.

They can be purchased from Captcha Photography (the studio, 9 Gotham Rd).  THe Vouchers can be purchased in denominations of £5.00.

When you spend a voucher at an East Leake Trader they will cash their voucher in with East Leake Traders.

Traders Vouchers are a great gift voucher offering brilliant value with any of our members a list of which is here at our website.

We also offer a great loyalty scheme and a way of winning fifty pound every quarter.  If you buy from an East Leake Trader they will give you a token.  Pick up your loyalty booklet at Any of our Traders, fill the booklet with 10 Tokens (maximumof 3 per outlet) and hand it in to the greengrocers.  Every quarter a winner is picked out of the completed booklets winning £50 of traders Vouchers.

Is a great gift for your friends and family in East Leake.