New Members’ Page

Resources to Download

Welcome to the new members page. This page is specifically setup to inform new members of some of the benefits of becoming a member of East Leake Traders.

You will find pretty much everything that you need to know in the welcome document which you can download or read from this page.

There are also a number of other things that might help such as links to minutes of recent meetings, receipts for your subscriptions and information about other members.

New Member Introduction
East Leake Traders meet once a month to discuss issues and to assess progress since the last meeting. Members are encouraged to attend and expected to attend at least two meetings in the year. You will be notified by Mel regarding of date time and venue. If you can come please do particularly as a new member.

Traders’ Directory
The Traders’ Directory is an A4 booklet printed by ELTA to make the public aware of Traders, particularly those without retail premises. The directory contains contact details and basic business information for all members.

The Directory is a new idea trialled for the first time in February 2020. If successful the booklet will be updated twice yearly in August and January. Currently the booklets are distributed through retail outlets but there are plans to experiment with professional distribution and new home welcome packs.

Loyalty Booklet
Whenever a sale or transaction is made the customer is entitled to a stamp for their loyalty card the completed card should have ten stamps with no more than three from any individual trader. Completed booklets are handed to Mel at the Greengrocer and four times a year one is drawn out to win a prize of 50 Traders vouchers (£50 to spend with any Trader). If a customer presents a voucher to you, inform Cara (treasurer) and you will be reimbursed. You can get official stickers to give out from Meg or failing that your signature and business name will do.

Currently the cost of membership is £55.00/year and £30.00 for new members joining between January 1st and June 30th. The annual subscription is due after June 30th and several reminders will be sent out during that time.  Members who have not renewed by July 31st will be automatically deleted from the membership list and will not be eligible for members’ benefits. The preferred method of payment is BACS:
Sort code 40-30-24 - Account No. 54012925.
Subscriptions are reviewed annually and members informed of any changes at the earliest opportunity.

The Website

To access any of the Just for Traders options you will need to use a password. This will be supplied to you on payment of your joining fee.

Editing your profile
What you write about your business is VERY IMPORTANT to the visibility of your page. As a website designer I might start with key words;
website, design, graphics, local, competitive price, multi platform, html, WordPress.
This would appear on my page as ....... Website and graphic design at competitive prices. Editable websites using WordPress CMS and html platforms locally written to your own specification. Any one of these words would link to my page using

Find a Trader > Search
If you are not sure go to the search page and see how your page performs. If you are not happy then change it using:
Just for Traders > Update information

Special offers & promotions to Arch Communications
Arch Communications will promote your business through our social media accounts. This is very effective and is a good way of gaining new clients so unless you have more trade than you can handle - let Dani know whenever you have an offer, enrolment, or just want to remind the world about your business. Contact Dani at:

Updating information
You can update your profile and contact information by going to:

Traders > Update information
If you don't do this it is unlikely that it will be done it for you!

Downloading documents
Subscription receipts, minutes and reports are all available to download from the website here:
Just for Traders > Members' Documents

Changes to the categories used
When we set up the new website we asked Traders to give categories to help make businesses more visible for example a hairdresser might use HAIR and BEAUTY. Because this has become unwieldy the categories have been reviewed and are now fewer and more general. A Trader can sign up to as many categories as fits their business profile but we are unlikely to add any new ones without committee agreement.

Email list
The email contact list changes regularly. If you need to contact everyone please download a copy from :

Just for Traders > Private Contact List

Talk to Us: Get involved
Membership of East Leake Traders is not just about what we can do for you. What can you do for East Leake and the other folk who live here? It is easy to leave things to others; come to meetings, have your say and take responsibility for something however small. If you don’t know what you could contribute get in touch and ask!

Getting in touch

Please use the following email addresses to contact us:

Mel (Admin):
Cara (finance):
Hayley (Chair):
Megan (Membership):
John (Website):

East Leake Traders do a great deal of work around the village. It is important that the work is shared and not just falling on the same people. Most of these events such as the Carnival and the Christmas Lights are discussed at our meetings; if you can't make the meeting that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do your bit, read the minutes and get in touch with the event organiser. Members are expected to attend at least two committee meetings per year and take contribute to one voluntary task in East Leake Traders’ calendar. For example helping out at the Carnival or if you prefer, something lower profile such as delivering information packs to new homes.

If you have found this document helpful but think that we have forgotten something it would be great if you took the time to tell us. To do this just email: