Loyalty Card and Traders Tokens


What do I do?
All we need is 10 stickers from 4 or more different traders during a 3 month promotion period.

How do I enter?
Fill in your name and contact details and hand your booklet in to Mel at The Greengrocer (Main Street).

When will the winner be announced?
At the end of Feb/May/Aug/Nov. The lucky winner will receive their £50 worth of TRADERS' VOUCHERS to be spent at any one or several of our traders.

What are Traders' Vouchers?
Traders' Vouchers are essentially a gift voucher redeemable at any Trader's business. Just like money but it has to be spent with us. If you want to know more about our voucher scheme go to the Traders' Voucher page.

Any Trader receiving vouchers should pass them to Cara for a full refund. Traders Tokens are only exchangeable for goods and not change will be given on any transaction.