What are we doing?

Rushcliffe Borough Council are committed to helping our residents reduce their carbon footprint and take steps to increase their recycling.

The Green Rewards app will be launching soon and is a new way for residents to record and log the positive actions they are taking to recycle, reduce waste and reduce their use of energy. With leader boards showing which households/residents are taking the most positive actions.

In return for their efforts, residents can compete locally and across Rushcliffe to earn green points, with residents and households that earn the highest number of green points each month, winning a

£20 gift voucher (fully funded by the Council) to spend at a participating business.

The app will also have the Shop Local Map which shows the businesses in each town, as a way of encouraging people to shop local by highlighting all of the fantastic shops that are within walking distance.

What we need from you

We would be delighted to have as many participating businesses as possible listed as eligible for spending a £20 voucher, as well as being listed on the Shop Local Map within the Green Rewards app.

When residents win a £20 voucher, they will be advised of the participating businesses and asked to select where they would like to spend it. We will then notify you that your business has been chosen.

Once someone has been to spend the voucher you will need to contact us and state the unique code listed on it and we will then issue payment of £20 to you. This does mean there will be a slight delay of a couple of weeks between you serving the customer and receiving the monies from us.

If you are interested in being a participating business and listed on the Shop Local Map within the Green Rewards App, please contact us with your business name and address on:

0115 981 9911 or econdev@rushcliffe.gov.uk

Encouraging engagement

In addition to the above we would like to be able to offer residents the opportunity to get access to offers and promotion when they reach a certain number of points. This will help us to encourage ongoing engagement as accessing rewards is not just dependent on getting the highest scores in a month, this way we can reward their continued effort.

Therefore can you also let us know (using the details above) if you would be willing to offer a reward of some kind e.g. 10% discount, 2 for the price of 1, free drink etc. to any resident reaching the target number of points.