Formula 4 Fitness & Formula 4 Fitness Events

I am a qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach. I hold coach qualifications in Triathlon as well as being a Gym Instructor and most recently qualified as an Exercise Referral Instructor. These qualifications enable me to work with I diverse range of people in all ages and stages of fitness as well as provide sessions for those who may need extra care and attention due to underlying conditions such as COPD, diabetes, asthma etc.

Alongside my 1:1 work I provide a range of fitness classes online and in person, please find me on the various social media platforms for the latest class timetables.

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Formula 4 Fitness & Formula 4 Fitness Events

Formula 4 Fitness also has an events side – up and coming events include; a Trail Running Weekend, a Four Day Endurance Charity event & a Women’s Health Day.. Details can be found on my website under F4F Events & Facebook pages.

For more event information why not look here?

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