This is a free event giving you the opportunity to try cold water dipping, with or without a wetsuit. The venue offers a lovely gradual entrance into the water allowing for acclimatising.

Myself and Lorna are there to offer top tips, and ensure you have a lovely little dip. However, you will have to be responsible for your own safety, and you must be able to swim even if you have never experience open water before.

Under current guidelines we will NOT be able to offer any first aid. So please take care. Please make sure you are visible - bright swim hat, tow float etc. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes to put on afterwards, It is also advisable to have a hot water bottle and a hot drink.

This is a FREE event, however Lorna Clark is part of a 2021 Relay team about to swim the English Channel in September for the charity SwimTayka so if you wish to make a donation I will ask her to add a link onto this post. See photos for where we will be and email with any additional questions. Looking forward to seeing you there.